Our Process

Hand Painted For You.

We are makers - we value the process and artistry at the core of our work.

Our prints are truly a labor of love. We use high pigment watercolors to hand-paint artwork that is eye-popping and fun to wear. From expressive paint strokes to very detailed line-drawing techniques, we spend countless hours developing each of our prints that eventually makes it into a silhouette.

Each and every print starts with a hand-painting, which is then digitized and perfected in our design studio. We hope to share this journey with you so that you can appreciate the artistry behind the hand-painted print on your dress. 

So jump in and enter our colorful society of print - we hope to inspire the artist within you! 
1. Sketch is dreamed up in our Cincinnati, Ohio, Over-the-Rhine Atelier.

2. Our team puts together a detailed technical package to explain to our factory and pattern makers all of the important details we care so much about - from the inside of the garment to the outside.

3. Through a rigorous exploratory creative process, we hand-paint expressive artwork to develop and use in our easy-to-wear silhouettes.

4. Our New York City-based pattern makers work with us to develop the perfect patterns for our fabulously forgiving fit to show off our painted artwork perfectly.

5. In collaboration with our overseas factory partners, our team selects the best fabrics for each style to ensure print vibrancy and ease of wear.

6. Our New York City-based sample room works with us to sew up our first-ever sample of the design we dreamed up.

7. Our New York City-based pattern makers work with us to develop fabulously forgiving silhouettes to show off our hand-painted artwork.

8. Our overseas factory partner’s head pattern maker preps each pattern piece for production in an effort to ensure each size fits perfect.

10. The expert cutter then aligns all pattern pieces in a specified way to reduce any wastage.

11. The über talented seamstresses sew each garment together by hand from the sleeves to the buttonholes.

12. Each dress is triple-checked and measured to ensure the fit is exactly right.
13.  Each garment is steamed, packed up, and ready for its new home!